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Windows 8 App Not Working

posted this on December 19, 2012 21:53

Originally from ticket #10418.

I have the Windows 8 App installed and it is not streaming TV on any channel. The app loads and the channel list loads no problem. The display where the TV picture should be just shows animated purple dots and never loads a picture.

Any idea? The app has been removed and reinstalled. I have used Chrome and IE to use the TVCatchup website on the same machine and both work without any problem.

Can you tell me what antivirus program you are running and if the main webstreams work at

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Colin Support

No third party antivirus. Inbuilt Windows Defender only (or Windows 8 equivalent). Web site streams work fine in both IE and Chrome.

That is a puzzler as the streams seem to okay here... I need to have a chat with the developer on see if there are any pointers that will indicate what the issue is, and in the mean time could you take a look in your settings and play around with them and see if one of them is out of kilter.

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Colin Support

There is no settings to play around with!! I have had the app installed a couple of weeks and it has never worked. So it isn't a recent thing. I keep coming back to it to see why it isn't working.

But purple animated dots every time just as if it is buffering and about to start. But it never does.

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Yes there are and you access them by the Microsoft Charm menu and here is a video I made when we were testing the app.

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Colin Support

Thanks very much for your help.

Turns out the solution is this (AMD driver).

Thanks again.

Thank you very much for the feedback as it is still a learning curve with this win 8 and this feedback may help someone.

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It is also worth trying this especially if you are having issues with Windows 8.1 after the update



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Found this on the internet:

My wife on her Win8 laptop is unable to get TV Catchup to Connect to the Network. She has D/L the App and can get the adverts to run but then gets the message "Unable to Connect to the Network". TVCatchup works OK on my Vista PC, we have also tried to log in on her laptop using my Login details. No go.


Panic over. She who must be obeyed found a link suggesting removing AVG. The problem seems to be using AVG as the virus protection causes the problem. Having removed it and turned on Windows Defender TV Catchup is working perfectly on her laptop.

February 18, 2013 11:11
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