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Before submitting a ticket for advice please make sure that you have read through Tips and Tricks in the knowledge base in order to find a solution for your issue.

If you cannot find an answer please read below "Posting a ticket and obtaining help"

For Business & Advertising Inquiries **ONLY** please email business@tvcatchup.com

For all other support issues please make a support ticket in the 'SUBMIT A REQUEST' box above not the business email

Posting a ticket and obtaining help

When you post a ticket, please make sure you provide us with the information with details of your hardware (processor type, RAM, video card, etc) together with details of your broadband line (ISP, line bandwidth, etc), your router and whether you are hard wired to the router or access it via wireless LAN. It will also help us if you could go to this site to tell us about your internet connection.

If you are using a PC then please complete all the info below and return it to us and it will help us to diagnose your issue quickly.

For mobile Apps

Please tell us your mobile/tablet maker and version as well as what operating system you are using

Please tell us what App version you are using and describe the issue fully

For computers

Please tell us what type of computer you are using PC, Mac, Linux or Flash based tablet

Please could you go to this address supportstats.info/ and let it run, copy the ID number and post it back to us.

Could you go here please speedtest.net/ press begin test > then let the test run > click 'share the link' after the test then click 'copy' and paste the results back here. To make it easier for you I have made a little video Speed Test Video

Without the basics, we can't help. It's a bit like phoning up your doctor and saying that you feel bad without describing the symptoms, we need to have some background if we are to be able to help you. If you've gone through the above, we will almost certainly be able to find a solution and you will soon be enjoying the world's first legal independent web TV service.


TVCatchup Support

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If you are suffering from any issues with our webplayer, there are number of things that you can try before contacting a member of staff:

  • Try downloading and installing a different web browser (such as Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari)
  • Head to speedtest.net and click 'Begin Test' - if your download speed is below 2mbps, this may be causing your issues
  • Disable any advert blockers that may be in operation


If this didn't help solve your issue, head here for more common issues and solutions.


Mobile applications

Most common faults with our mobile applications are fixed by uninstalling our application, turning off your device and reinstalling our application. If you are unsure how to do this, just head here.

 Other issues and solutions are available here.